You’ve been using these 22 items completely wrong your entire life

Here’s some great tips and tricks that you can use on a daily basis that are both clever and useful. After looking through them you will probably be wondering how on earth you’ve never thought of them yourself! Once you’ve seen them all we can guarantee that you will be using at least one or two of these awesome tips.


Don’t worry if you forgot to pack a spoon as you can easily make one from the lid! It’s less washing up too!


There’s no need to toss out that broken DVD! Simply rub a banana over it and hey presto, it’s fixed!


A hairdryer will quickly and easily get rid of steam after a shower.


Once you’ve cut your cheese, simply rub some butter on the fresh edge to prevent it going moldy.


You can unfold Chinese takeout boxes to flat plates!


Stop cables disconnecting by plugging them in with a loop.


Most foil boxes have these tabs on the side that a lot of people just don’t even notice. They’re designed to hold the roll in place which stops it falling out every time you go to get some foil.


Avoid unwanted spills from juice boxes and pull up the tabs at the side. Kids can then hold onto them instead of squeezing the box.


Did you know you can expand ketchup cups by puling the edges apart? That way you can get more sauce in them!


Handbags can accumulate all sorts of odd bits and bobs. Use a lint roller to clean them out!


Doing this will distribute all the oils evenly through the jar.


Use a pop tab on the back of photo frames so you can hang them on the wall.


This great trick stops your straw from floating up and out of the can.

spoon rests

As well as being able to hang your saucepans, these holes make great spoon rests during cooking!


Sealed-tight jars are no match for the spoon!


Forget expensive sprays or polishes and use mayonnaise to remove water stains from wood furniture.


Shaking a Tic Tac box into your palm will often give you either nothing or far too many. Use this trick to easily dispense one at a time.


To break pieces one at a time simply press each chunk towards the bar.


The correct way to place a toilet seat cover!


This is the correct amount of toothpaste you should be using, described as pea-sized. This is all you need, so start making those tubes last longer today!


Fold your pots in half so all the toppings go where they are supposed to go, which is on top!

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