15 Lifestyle Confessions From Granola Moms

Some of you may be wondering what exactly a granola (or crunchy) mom is. Well, typically, it means a mom who practices natural, organic living. This often means having a drug free labor, using cloth diapers, co-sleeping with the kids, breastfeeding for many years and being anti-vaccine. Of course, some moms are more lenient whereas others follow organic living religiously. Below we have 15 lifestyle confessions from granola moms that you are sure to find interesting. Take a look!
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We like this mom’s non judgmental view on other moms. 

When you see amazing health benefits from something, sharing it with other people tends to make sense.

Not all granola moms planned to be crunchy! 

A life in Hawaii sounds pretty nice to us. 

We imagine there are a lot of people who disagree with this mom’s choices. Particularly the ‘vaccine free’ part… 

Drive whatever car pleases you. Unfortunately, you can’t wrap your kid in a protective bubble, though. 

Well done to this lady. However, you aren’t less of a mom for choosing pain relief. 

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This sounds a little obnoxious. People are afraid because child birth can be extremely painful and traumatic. Just because you achieved something, it doesn’t mean you then get to judge others. 

It’s tough being in the middle! 

You co-sleep? Cool! You use cribs? Cool! Each to their own, we say. 

Ouch! A full mouth of teeth sounds painful! 

Ah, the great breastfeeding debate. What is the right age to stop and what is too far? 

Change can be scary but it will be nice for this couple to get some privacy and space back! 

We think cloth diapers are great! Disposable diapers cause so much waste. 

What are your thoughts on this?