17 Awesome Products That Prove The Future Is Already Here

Back in the ’80s, everyone thought that by the year 2015, we’d all have hover boards and flying cars. Before you get upset about being stuck in the present, rather than a technologically-advanced world of the future, you need to stop and think about some of the amazing products on the market that really are incredibly futuristic. These 17 awesome items will show you that you actually do live in the future. Metaphorically speaking, of course!

A laser-projected virtual keyboard that’s fully-functional. Neat!

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A smartphone app that can unsubscribe you from paper junk mail.

An umbrella that stays open in wind speeds of up to 100 kmph.

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An app that rewards users for not touching their phone while they’re driving.

The world’s smallest wireless ear buds.

A watch that ticks down to your estimated time of death. Morbid, but cool.

A solar-powered backpack that allows you to charge your electrical devices on the go.

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A compact photo scanner that doesn’t even require a computer.

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A rear view mirror with no blind spots.

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An undershirt which improves your posture.

An app which will help you find your keys, bag and other belongings.

A molecular scanner which will allow you to scan any object or material and get relevant information on it, straight to an app.

A digital measuring cup.

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A magnetic light switch cover. 

Laser guided scissors for precision crafting.

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A 360 degree power outlet. Although, sadly, this is only available in Japan at present.

Sunglasses for dogs, because it wouldn’t be the future without cool dude canines.

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