12 Super Smart Hiding Places For Your Important Valuables

The likelihood is that your home will never be broken into, but just in case it does, you don’t want anyone getting hold of your most valuable and important belongings. That’s why you need to come up with an awesome hiding place for them. This can also be useful if you live with a roommate that you don’t know very well, or you want to hide things from nosey parents or siblings.

Check out these twelve super smart hiding places that will make it tough for anyone to find your most prized belongings! But, you’d better make sure you don’t forget where you hid your possessions!

Nobody gives a second glance to VHS cassettes anymore, so hiding valuables inside is pretty safe.

Make a super secret in-door hiding spot. Find out how here!

Craft a hiding hole behind a false tile. Nobody will ever know it’s there!

Unless you have some sort of incredibly fancy vacuum cleaner worth stealing, putting important documents inside it is a good way to keep them safe.

An oldie, but it’s a classic for a reason. But, only attempt with a book you’re willing to destroy. Maybe ’50 Shades of Grey’, or something from the ‘Twilight’ family.

Spray paint the inside of an old jar of mayonnaise to make it look full, place it in the fridge and no thief will ever think to look there… unless they get hungry and want a sandwich.

This might look like a keyboard, but it’s actually a faux one which you can buy. Who would think to look any closer?

Have one empty paint can that you can hide valuables in, among a collection of genuine paint-filled cans. 

Hide car keys, or other small items, behind a picture frame!

Put your valuables in a small container and stuff it inside a jar of popcorn kernels.

This awesome hiding place is surprisingly easy to make. Find out how here!

The space under your cupboards, behind the baseboard, can make an ideal place to stash secret belongings.