Epic Clothing Disasters That Will Make You Laugh

We’ve all suffered a fashion faux pas before. Maybe our t-shirt was inside out or our underwear was visible through our trousers. These things happen, unfortunately. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of epic clothing disasters out there that will make you feel much better about your own mishaps. And, we’ve got the examples to prove it! Some of these clothing designs are utterly mind boggling, but also brilliantly amusing. Take a look and let this post be a reminder to examine your clothing properly and try it on before purchasing if you can! 

Note to self… inspect all clothes from Ann Summers closely! 

Not the best bikini bottoms design we’ve ever seen…

‘Keep Calm and let the College Of Veterinary Medicine handle it…’ 

Design fail! 

We can’t imagine many of these being sold! 

The flowers on this dress aren’t very well placed… 

…but this one wins for sure! 

As much as some of these clothing disasters are ridiculous, they certainly provide a good laugh! We wonder how many of these people were unaware of their strange clothes until someone else pointed the issues out?

This ‘Fukudome’ shirt can get awkward for those who wear their hair down! 

We love this. Obviously not intentional, but we can pretend it’s passive aggressive just for fun. 

This guy’s name is Brodie Jonas Dean and the shirt was a gift from his grandma. 

Oh dear. 

This t-shirt had the image file name printed on it! 

Angles can be so important! 

Why, just why? 

We can’t actually believe that some of these clothes were made by actual ‘designers’. Furthermore, we’re shocked that some of these items managed to sell! 

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These kitten socks don’t look so cute when worn… 

This awkward t-shirt design looks like the poor guy has a wedgie! 

Whoever made this clearly didn’t understand the genre of the song! 

‘Peekaboo! I see you looking at my wearer’s crotch area!’

When you see it, you can’t un-see it… 

What a truly odd design! 

The lady who wore this t-shirt noticed all her customers were smiling at her…

Let’s hope this wasn’t a kid’s t-shirt! 

These images have made us appreciate our nice, normal clothes that never really let us down. Most of us take our clothes for granted but we won’t be making that mistake again! 

Blur your eyes and things get even worse!

We would have to give these leggings a thumbs down… 

That’s an interesting unicorn… 

Unzip or face some very peculiar looks! 

This guy couldn’t figure out why he was getting so many strange looks until he got home and noticed this… 

This took us a moment to spot! (Hint – look under the top green flower)