Satirical Illustrations Depicting the Ugly Face Of Today’s Society

Dependence on technology, corruption, poverty, obesity, and addiction are only few of the many problems of society today. But that’s not all. The biggest problem is that people are obviously turning a blind eye to this ugly reality. Refusing to acknowledge these problems doesn’t solve anything. In fact, it only makes things worse. Freelance caricaturist Gerhard Haderer created these satirical illustrations to open our eyes and face the reality of today’s society. Sad to say, but society is not looking pretty good. It’s better to hurt with the truth than to comfort with a lie, right? Take a look at these brutally honest illustrations portraying the downfall of modern society.



A family that laze together, gets fat together.

Say ‘hello’ to the wonders of drones and say ‘goodbye’ to privacy.

Why do people prefer to waste money on more expensive things? Because buying from high-end supermarkets instead of buying from a cut-priced vendor is a way of showing-off your social status.

Greed is harmful to the society. Instead of wishing for something valuable that could solve problems, people tend to wish for some pointless things for themselves.

These clowns are running the nation but we’re too blind to see.

You may try to make efforts to spice up a relationship but if you can’t take your eyes off the TV, all your efforts are gone to waste.

Because a newspaper is only just a thing of the past now and no one reads them anymore.

These satirical illustrations reveal the ugly truth of today’s society that we often refuse to acknowledge.



You never miss the water till the world runs dry.

Gone are the days when Christmas Eves are merry and bright.

The brutal way to get food on our tables.

Smile for sale, everyone!

Romance is dead. And modern technology is the culprit.

Can we put down our phone just for a minute and appreciate the beauty of nature with our eyes? But I guess that’s impossible nowadays.

The appetite of a greedy mouth knows no limits.

A perfect selfie is worth more than a life.