16 Images Of Common Christmas Expectations Vs. Their Harsh Realities


We all have high expectations at Christmas. Watch any TV show or read any magazine right now and it'll be filled with perfect families doing perfect things on the most perfect of days. Unfortunately though, life doesn't always work out like it does in the movies and not everyone is overflowing with festive cheer. With this in mind, take a look at these images of Christmas expectations versus reality but try not to get too downhearted, it happens to us all!


Being reunited with family. Expectation…




Receiving that gift you wanted so much.


Don't you just love getting the house ready for the big day?


This is so true.



Making cookies can be so much fun!


Baby's first decoration!


When you put the turkey into the oven expecting it to come out looking like this…


…but this is the end result!


When you find a fool-proof tutorial…



…and it makes you feel really dumb.


When you want your family photo to look like this…


…instead of this!



Same every year!


When you decide to go on a magical Christmas walk…


…and end up feeling like this.

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