Chips Ahoy! And Reese’s Have Made The Tastiest Collab

Nabisco cookies have always been our go-to munchies. And we have to admit, the brand’s collaboration with Reese’s is truly a dream come true. So, we’re probably not the only ones looking forward to another delectable mash-up from these two. Well, lo and behold, here comes new Chips Ahoy! cookies that are loaded with Reese’s Mini Pieces!

Apparently, this new cookie variant needs no further introduction. For one, the packaging is as straightforward as it can get. It features cookies mixed with Reese’s Mini Pieces, which explains the half-and-half packaging theme. So, expect to see brown, orange and yellow candy bits all throughout the cookies. Also, we’d like to point out that the cookies appear to come with peanut butter chips instead of chocolate chips. Obviously, that’s another plus point for us!


Chips Ahoy! also unveiled another cookie collab with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

The cookie brand officially introduced this new variant just recently via its Instagram page. Evidently, the cookie brand has also teamed up with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate for another exciting treat. Seriously, Nabisco, when will you ever run out of sweet surprises? But don’t take it wrong, we totally have nothing against it. So, by all means, just keep them coming!


Unfortunately, the post made no mention of the cookies’ availability. However, our ever-reliable online snack sleuths have already spotted them on shelves. So, yes, they actually exist, and they’re officially available in stores now. In fact, user @foodiewiththebeasts spotted one at a local Super G, while @markie_devo spotted one at a local Stop and Shop.


In addition to these two new offerings, the cookie brand seems to be cooking up more surprises for its fans. Not too long ago, the brand asked its followers to create their dream cookie combo.


In a more recent post, the brand encouraged its followers to throw in their Mix & Match suggestions. At least for us, that sure looks like the brand’s gathering some major consumer insights right there! So, it probably won’t be long before we see a new variant hitting the shelves again.