You Can Get A Replica Of The Griswolds’ House From National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

The season of spruced up trees, decked halls, and family reunions is nigh. At this point, we’re all probably in the thick of the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready. Holiday movie marathons are slowly starting to take over, and  National Lampoon’s definitely part of the lineup, as usual. This year, fans of the classic Christmas flick won’t have to settle for just watching it onscreen though, because Amazon’s bringing the magic of the film to your mantle! The retail giant is offering a ceramic replica of The Griswolds’ House, among other things, in the spirit of the festive season.


real Griswold holiday house
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Ceramic Replica of The Griswolds' House lit up


Own your very own Griswold family home this holiday season.


Ceramic Replica of The Griswolds' House


Since debuting in 1983, the Griswolds’ holiday house has undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable homes in film history. Frank definitely sparked a holiday decorating trend among his fellow Christmas enthusiasts. But life’s gotten pretty expensive lately. So covering the family home with Christmas lights isn’t exactly a wise decision at the moment. This ceramic replica will definitely make any ‘Christmas Vacation’ fan squeal with delight!

The ceramic replica of The Griswolds’ House will light up any fan’s room.

Department 56 launched their National Lampoon ceramic set in 2013. Since then, it’s become a mainstay offering for the Christmas village manufacturer. The lineup hasn’t changed since because the ceramic collection already features all the essential pieces ‘Christmas Vacation’ fans would need if they want to recreate the holiday flick in their own home.

Ceramic Replica of The Griswolds' House sans marketing props

The collection’s pièce de résistance is the Griswolds’ house. This miniature yellow house is meticulously decorated and detailed, from the festive wreath adorning the front door to the snow covering the roof! Moreover, the house comes embedded with 67 LED lights. You can choose to have the lights shine in a steady burn or twinkle like stars too! That’s definitely one way of paying homage to Frank Griswold’s megawatt masterpiece!

Ceramic Replica of The Griswolds' House from the back with plug and cord

“What is more Christmas-y than the home of Clark Griswold? Designed as part of the Christmas Lane series, this house is the definition of lit up!”

Ceramic Replica of The Griswolds' House from the side with cord and plug

The Griswolds’ house will definitely make a wonderful addition to anyone’s mantel this holiday season. Fans of the cult-classic have been raving about this ceramic miniature since its release, so  you know it’s a Christmas must-have. As of writing, the ceramic Griswold house is available on Amazon. The other figurines in the National Lampoon collection are arguably cheaper, but would you really want to pass up a replica of the Griswolds’ house that lights up?

Watch Frank Griswold’s shining moment again:

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