Couples Confess How To Keep Romance Alive After Becoming Parents

Physical intimacy is important to keep the relationship alive. Newly-married couples have all the time for each other and this is the phase where intimacy is at its peak. For couples, this is the moment of absolute bliss in a relationship. But when kids arrive, couples become parents and their responsibilities broaden. Parents will be spending more time taking care of the kids, working to raise a larger family, maintaining a tidy home conducive for family’s health, and so much more. And just like that, romance between partners is suddenly dead. But these couples did not give up on romance even after having kids. And they will share their secrets on how to keep romance alive after becoming parents.



Grab every opportunity.

Thank goodness for the technological wonders.

Always find time to relax.

Intimacy is something to be cherished.

Sacrifices have to be made for a better relationship.

Intimacy won’t be the same after having kids. But it should still be there.

Be quick but don’t hurry.

It can be thrilling and exciting at times.

We better not disturb them.

There are several ways to keep romance alive after becoming parents. These people are willing to share their secrets for an intimate relationship.


Never let your fire go out.

Set a good example of a happy marriage.

One of the benefits of an early bedtime for your kids.

Intimacy is like oil to the engine of your marriage car. It causes other parts to work well.

Getting by with a little help from some friends.

Spicing up your typical nap time.

In-laws are parents too. They understand you very well.

While the cats are away, the mice will play.

It benefits both the kids and the parents.

Sneaky and smart.

We’ve got nowhere else to go but here.

It’s all about time management.