The ‘Food Cubby’ Is Here for Those Who Hate It When Their Food Touches

If your kid has this phobia of certain foods touching each other, then we are probably in the same boat. It is very daunting to have a fussy eater who wants their potatoes clustered together without touching spaghetti, or scrambled eggs on the other side. It is even more exhausting if a simple mix-up has the potential to ruin a promising meal.

Well, while most parents were busy figuring out quick fixes to this mealtime nightmare, a couple of engineers have been working on a practical solution. They came up with this lovely kitchen gadget that can actually save the day. Forget the normal child-friendly dishes that come equipped with separators, these gadgets are stand-alone separators in their basic definition. With already 70 encouraging reviews, the Food Cubby definitely stands out from the rest.

The Food Cubby is a smile-shaped silicon rubber that acts as a food separator by keeping each food item in its own place on the plate. Parents, it’s time to celebrate!

The Food Cubby (food separator)

food cubby orange

The neat gadget comes in a 2-pack and features a suction mechanism to stick to the plate. The Cubby’s design is a plus for parents as it makes it possible to push food easily without getting your hands dirty.

It works by suctioning to the plate



green food cubby



Even as the food separator is popular among children, people with special needs might find the Food Cubby very useful. Some folks have brumotactillophobia, a condition that manifests as a phobia of touching foods. It can be mild or severe and can make people eat each food item in a certain order or take the initiative to divide those items. Eating with a food separator in place can help people with this condition cope better.

food separator

You may not necessarily have brumotactillophobia but other people have sensory problems and find it hard to see, feel, or taste foods that are mixed up together. Some reviewers belonging to this group approves the Food Cubby as being helpful.


Even though this workaround is tailored for growing children, kids and adults are already invading these nifty inventions. Runny syrups, steamy veggies, and salads no longer need to be soaked up; Food Cubby creates distinct boundaries ensuring a smoother eating experience for kids. Speaking of kids, did you know that a small child invented the Food Cubby? Yep, it took a child to actually do what many before them should have done and brought the creative invention to light.

Dishwasher safe

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It’s time to let go of makeshift dishes and fill your cupboards with Food Cubby or give it to loved ones as a warm gift. You will never have to worry about portioning as they carry a cup worth of food plus the kitchen gadgets are dishwasher safe too. So what exactly are you waiting for? Make someone happy during the next meal as you hand them a plate full of well-portioned spaghetti and steamed veggies.

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Source: Food Cubby