15 Real Problems All Lipstick Wearers Will Identify With


Isn’t the world of makeup awesome? It can completely change your look and even your mood. Many of us won’t even leave the house without applying at least a little. Everyone has their own essential makeup items they love and if you adore lipstick then this blog’s for you! Lipstick wearers face real struggles each and every day which others are completely oblivious to. Check them out and see if you identify with at least a few of these real and pressing issues.


When they discontinue that one totally perfect lip shade.

When you apply lipstick in a moving car.

When pastel fashion colors just don’t suit you.

When you own a million lipsticks but none is the right color.

When you just need to find the perfect red.

When you spend more on lipstick than food!

When you have lipstick smeared all over your chin.

When you walk around all day not realizing you have lipstick on your teeth!

When you forget to bring your non-transferable hard-wearing lipstick with you for touch-up purposes.

When your cup is covered in lipstick.

When there’s more lipstick on your burger than your mouth!

When the worst lipstick ever comes in the perfect color!

When you accidentally smudge your perfectly applied color.

When your lipstick wears off and leaves only trashy-looking liner behind.

When your lipstick just doesn’t match your outfit!

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