These Fairytale Felted Houses For Cats Are A Must Have

It’s likely that if you’re a cat owner your feline companion(s) will have a favorite bed, house or spot to sit, sleep and play in. If you feel that maybe their existing love spot is getting a bit tattered and battered, and your cat wouldn’t be traumatized by a replacement, maybe you might be interested in upgrading to one of these awesome fairytale houses! Created by Yuliya Kosata from Ukraine, the felted houses come in a huge range of designs and color schemes. Take a look below to find out more and see what you think!
Website: FeltField

Yuliya has always loved to create, starting off with painting and sewing. 

Then she moved onto photography.

A visit to Nepal lead Yuliya to fall in love with all things felted. 

Determined to understand the craft and master it, she started to explore felting in wool.

Yuliya loved the material despite it demanding a lot of skill and effort. 

She says her mind is always filled with images which is where Yuliya finds her inspiration. 

Her creations make her feel like she is involved in a fairytale and wonderland united in one.

We are blown away with how unique the houses are!

There is so much choice meaning there is something to suit every cat/owner duo. 

We love how much personality each different cave boasts.

Look how many kitties fit in this one!

This is our personal favorite. 

There’s no denying that Yuliya has an incredible talent. 

We hope to see her work become more widely known!

Don’t forget to check out Yuliya’s Etsy store!