Low Cost Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Nest Of Comfort

Whether you’re moving into a new place or simply want to change the space you’ve already got, there are so many ideas floating around it can be hard to choose which ones are best. Here we have some awesome, low cost ways to transform your home into a nest of comfort. These projects are simple, inexpensive and suitable for pretty much any skill level. If you’re feeling a bit down on life, a few small changes to your living environment can make a huge difference. Take a look and see what you think!

Low Cost Ways To Transform Your Home

Framed Hooks

This works particularly well in bathrooms for towels or by your front door for coats! So simple to achieve, just grab some nice frames (or make some) and you’re all good to go! 

Brighten Your Walls

If you’ve got a room that is particularly bland, brighten it up with a feature painting or canvas. This not only lifts the mood, but also creates a nice focal point for the entire room. 

Diamond Tufted Headboard

We love this idea! It takes a little bit of effort but that just makes the end results so much more satisfying. Here are some helpful instructions that will show you how to achieve this stylish look. 

Fridge Decor

A fridge is something that we often ignore. It’s not the first thing you would think of to give a makeover. But, it’s super easy to do! Grab yourself some tape and a spray paint of your choice, or simply purchase decorative tape in the color you want. 

Up Cycle Furniture

Just look at this incredible transformation! You would never have guessed that these two pieces of furniture are the same! A coating of paint, swapping out the handles and removing some of the draws was all it took to achieve this fabulous look. 

Hexagon Shelves

These shelves make a cool change from your standard style! They are super easy to make and look great! Here are some helpful tips on how you can be the proud new owner of these hexagon shelves. 


Lampshades are something so many of us have at least one of in each of our rooms. Yet, we seem to not focus much attention on to them. A unique and stylish lampshade can make a dramatic difference so explore your options and see what you like! 

Mason Jar Decor

The list of things you can do with a mason jar seems endless! Here’s another cool suggestion that you can really customize and personalize as you see fit. Take a look here for instructions on the project. 


If you’re low on funds but desperate for a change, you don’t have to get new furniture! Some new pillows will really switch things up and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Best of all, you can buy or make these so money is not a problem! 

Platform Bed

We think platform beds are just too cool. Naturally this project takes quite a bit of effort, skill and planning, but here we have some helpful and detailed instructions that will lay things out for you step by step.