It Looks Like A Normal Room At First But Turn The Light Off And… OMG!


If you've ever wanted a really unique bedroom, you need to check out these amazing glowing murals from Hungarian artist Bogi Fabian. Using UV paints, Fabian can turn your room into something out of a dream. Because of the kinds of paints she uses, all or at least the majority of the design is usually invisible when the lights are on. It's only when you switch off the lights or turn on a black light that these ethereal images become visible. Talking about her work, Fabian wrote: 

''My goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a soul, where relaxing and living become an experience.''


Fabian currently resides in Vienna, where she works on these murals, as well as glowing ceramics, body painting and other forms of artistic expression. If you like her work, follow the link below to check out more of her art.

Website: Bogi Fabian












Fabian's work is just incredible! We really wish she'd come and decorate all of our houses.

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