Cold Stone Creamery Has Boo Batter Ice Cream For A Fitting Halloween Treat

Get ready to have the coolest Halloween with the Boo Batter Ice Cream which is undoubtedly the spookiest and sweetest treat for the scary holiday. Cold Stone Creamery is bringing back its seasonal bestseller which debuted October last year. One look at this creamy frozen treat and you’ll know that it simply screams ‘Halloween’.

The spooky ice cream is basically Cold Stone’s original Cake Batter Ice Cream in a pitch black color for a twist of horror. Indeed, the unusual color alone can outdo other Halloween treats in the scare factor. Additionally, the black-colored ice cream is garnished with some Halloween favorites including M&M’s, Kit Kat and Halloween Oreo cookies. Yummy cake batter ice cream in spooky shade of black, add our favorite Halloween candies into the mix and we get the ultimate treat that looks so good it’s scary.


Cold Stone Creamery Brings Back Its Boo Batter Ice Cream For Halloween

boo batter ice cream
Cold Stone Creamery

That’s not all. Cold Stone Creamery will also have black and orange waffle cones and bowls to go with the Boo Batter. So, you can add another layer of spookiness by placing the frozen treat on a midnight black cone. Or add a pop of autumnal color with the pumpkin-colored cone. Just like last year, this seasonal offering is available for the month of October only. We don’t have much time, really. So, you may want to run to the nearest Cold Stone location now to get your hands on these terrifyingly yummy delight. You can use the company’s store locator to find the stores near you.