Confessions From Women About Dealing With Miscarriage And Infertility

Being pregnant is an amazing thing that you shouldn’t have to apologize for. However, the topic can be a sensitive one for many. Those who suffer with reproductive issues or have lost a baby can struggle to talk about these subjects. However, here we have some brave and honest confessions from women about dealing with miscarriage and infertility. Take a look… 

It’s not easy to cover up feelings of extreme sadness.

Life can be unfair.

Some people just forget about other people’s feelings.

The timing was unfortunate.

The healing process is an unpredictable thing. It can take days, months or years depending on the person. 

Just because you accept something doesn’t make it any less hurtful. 

Feeling a lot of pain is normal… you just have to be strong.

It’s hard to understand why you’ve been dealt such cards. 

Hearing about all of those things just reminds you of what you lost. 

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It’s difficult to be happy for other people when you’re in so much pain yourself. 

The fact you are trying makes you a great person. 

A bittersweet moment. 

People don’t always understand your pain. 

Watching others experience what you want is so hard. 

It’s difficult to process all these emotions coming all at once.

Sometimes you just need to think about what’s best for yourself. 

Other people’s pregnancies can trigger all the painful emotions.

Tell her how you’re feeling. If she’s a good friend she’ll understand. 

Miscarriages can happen to anyone. Please don’t beat yourself up.