12 Birthstones And What They Say About Your Personality


Do you believe the month of your birth has anything to do with the make up of your personality? If the answer is 'yes', then you're bound to be interested in this post, which details the different birthstones connected to each month of the year, and what they apparently indicate about people's personalities. How accurate do you think the attributes described for your month of birth are? Take a look and let us know! 


January – Garnet

You're: ambitious, serious, a hard worker, loyal, social and sensitive.



February – Amethyst

You're: creative, intelligent, humble, quiet, daring and stubborn.



March – Aquamarine

You're: affectionate, honest, generous, secretive and peace-loving!



April – Diamond

You're: strong, aggressive, brave, fearless, loving, generous and motivated.



May – Emerald

You're: stubborn, imaginative, adventurous and a hard worker!




June – Alexandrite

You're: funny, talkative, a people person, sensitive and polite.



July – Ruby

You're: spontaneous, fun-loving, adventurous, emotional, caring and upbeat.



August – Peridot

You're: practical, positive, fearless, logical and have a good sense of humor!



September – Sapphire

You're: creative, innovative, loyal and committed!



October – Pink Tourmaline

You're: strong, independent, friendly, social and charming!



November – Topaz

You're: ambitious, self-motivated, intelligent and accepting.



December – Zircon

You're: fun-loving, energetic, generous and playful.


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