13 Things You’ll Relate To If Everything In Your Life Is Wrong – Part 2


Life certainly isn’t perfect and sometimes you can get caught up in the meaninglessness of it all. But, we’re of the opinion that life is easier if you can find humor in those things that get you down. If you liked the first part of this post, we think you’ll enjoy what we’ve found for you today. Here are another thirteen things you’ll relate to if everything in your life is wrong. But remember, your mental health is important, so if depression or anxiety is genuinely affecting your life, be smart and seek some professional help.



Sound familiar?


It’s the only button to press.


Sometimes you have a normal day but the futility of life catches up with you.


We’re pretty sure we’ve had this conversation before.


It’s definitely easy to lose.


We’ve all felt like this before.


This is so us!


That would explain a lot.


When pokemon only reminds you that life is meaningless.


The science of the downward spiral.


One day!


Does this sound like something you’d say?


It’s funny the things you forget!

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