Women Share The Worst Things About Breastfeeding

Many mothers speak of the amazing experience that is breastfeeding. It is one of the many wonderful ways a mom can bond with her baby. However, it’s not always an easy and/or straightforward process. Whether it be public shaming, engorged breasts or not being able to eat certain things, breastfeeding can be a huge struggle. Therefore, it’s important for mothers who face these issues to know that they are not alone, all they can do is try their best and know that there is support available! Below we have a list of women sharing what they feel to be the worst things about breastfeeding. Take a look…
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It sends a chill right down your spine! 

For such little people, babies can create some big stenches! 

Engorgement is extremely painful! 

The amount of pressure you feel and that other people place onto you can be overwhelming. 

You hope and pray that they will get bored of biting! 

Why do people struggle so much to mind their own damn business?

It’s not all bad! 

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It sucks that many people experience pain. All they want to do is feed their babies! 

We don’t think it’s fair to say that ‘guys sexualize it’. Although true in some cases, you can’t generalize to all men! Some women dislike breastfeeding too! 

When this mom stops breastfeeding, she deserves to have an epic feast of all the things she has missed! 

Not only does this look strange, you can feel unbalanced too! 

This is where decent quality breast pads are a godsend! 

Unfortunately, loss of libido isn’t uncommon. 

This is a shame. You’re not a cow, you’re a mom providing for her child!