10 Awesome Creations Straight From Mother Nature


Humans have created some amazing things, but a lot of terrible things, as well. However, if you want to see something truly awe-inspiring, your best bet is to look to nature. The natural world is full of weird and wonderful formations and phenomena, and we want to show you just a few of these today. From crazy rock formations to ethereal bioluminescence, there are all sorts of things on this planet to amaze even the most jaded of folk. These are ten awesome creations straight from mother nature. Check them out!


The Wave in Arizona is a striking sandstone formation caused by millions of years of exposure to the elements.


Volcanic lightning, or a "dirty thunderstorm," is when lightning is produced within a volcanic plume.


This underwater forest in Kazakhstan wasn't always underwater, but was deposited there after a landslide.

These light pillar over Moscow occur when light (from the sun, moon or even artificial light) reflects off ice crystals.



They might look like something out of a fairytale, but these rainbow eucalyptus trees are as real as can be.


Slightly spookier, these ghost trees are cocooned in the webs of millions of spiders, who sought higher ground after flooding in Pakistan.


This underground natural spring, or "cenote," in Mexico is caused by a collapse of limestone bedrock. 


This image might look Photoshopped, but it was taken on one of Bolvia's highly-reflective salt flats. 


Blood Falls in Antarctica aren't as creepy as their name suggests. The red water is simply tainted with iron oxide.


These amazing glowing shores in the Maldives are the result of bioluminescence. 

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