Bad Decisions That People Made When They Were Drunk


No matter how much of a sensible and rational person you are, you just don’t make your best choices when under the influence of alcohol. The sober side of you knows that you shouldn’t make any big decisions when drunk, but once you’ve started imbibing, you don’t care and will make as many stupid choices as you please! The comforting part is that you’re not alone. If you can find us one person who says they’ve never done anything dumb while drunk, we’ll show you a liar! These are fourteen bad decisions that people made when they were drunk to show you that you’re not the only one!


Take that, all you doors out there!


When not even you stuffed animals will pay attention to you, you know it’s time to go to bed.


Now that is a lot of pizza!


Most of us have peed somewhere inappropriate while under the influence.


You’re never too drunk to make bad puns.


We’re not sure how you’d even go about this.


You never know… it could have been the next big thing.


Now, that’s some world-class hiding!


I would like one of your finest foods, sir.


Wow. That is really not good.


Maybe a potato salad smoothie next time?


Drunken climbing is never a good idea.


Best just not to put pen to paper at all when drunk. And that includes drunk texting and drunk Facebooking.


What did the road markings ever do to you?!

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