These Awesome Guitars Are Made Out Of Old Skate Decks


If you're into guitars and skateboarding, read on! Prisma Guitars is owned and operated by San Francisco-based industrial design student, Nick Pourfard, who hand-crafts the most beautiful guitars, all made out of old, unwanted skate decks. So, it's not just that these guitars are stunning, they're also way more environmentally-friendly. If that wasn't impressive enough, Pourfard is a completely self-taught woodworker, so his mad skills are all his own. At present, it seems that these guitars are only sold out of Real Guitars in San Francisco, so you may have to be local (or willing to travel) to get your mitts on one of these gorgeous axes. If you want to contribute to the cause and have an skateboard you no longer want or need, Pourfard happily accepts donations of old decks!

Website: Prisma Guitars









We want one of these skate deck guitars so badly! Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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