16 Baby And Toddler Tips All Parents Will Love

Being a parent, especially to a new baby or toddler, is never easy. Luckily, with the creation of the internet, parents have been more easily able to share their tips or hacks. These are the tricks of the trade that just make life that little bit easier. For both you and your baby. Check out these 16 great ideas!

Place some apple sauce in a cloth and freeze it. Your teething baby can then suck on it for pain relief as well as a yummy treat.

Invest in a stroller/scooter for fun exercise with your baby!

Keep a lint roller in areas where the kids play to help you clean up spills.

Velcro the corners of your rugs to stop baby from messing them up, or slipping.

Create a pair of baby leg warmers. Simply cut the feet off some knee high socks, fold the edges over and sew!

Keep harmful bacteria away from toys. Wash them once a month in your washing machine.

An inflatable pool can be used as a fun and safe playpen.

Invest in some fun stickers that help your tot realize which shoe is which.

Always carry band aids. They’re not just great for those little accidents, they can also help you baby or child-proof a room.

Sick of yucky, used tissues ending up everywhere? Use a rubber band to fasten an empty box to your full one to use as a garbage receptacle.

A curtain rod placed between a wall and a crib can make a great play area.

Unfold the ends of juice boxes to use as handles, saving your kids squeezing juice all over themselves.

Starbucks cups make for great, no-mess paint holders.

Encourage good oral hygiene practices with a fun toothbrush and toothpaste.

Get your baby or child to focus on the camera using a fun character hair band around the lens.

Comfort your child without actually being in the room. Fill a glove with rice, place it carefully on your baby’s back, give it a couple of pats, then leave it there!

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