Different Sleeping Positions And What They Say About You

Ah, sleep. It’s plain glorious. Unless you’re tossing and turning, that is! However, when you’re nestled down under your blanket in the most perfect of positions, there’s simply nothing better than getting in some precious hours of shut eye. Of course, we all find certain sleeping positions comfier than others. Some of us cannot be content unless we’re on our backs, while others prefer one side over the other. Occasionally, you will even come across someone who favors the fetal position, or likes to sleep on their stomachs. But, did you know that your sleeping position actually says something about you? Take a look, and find out!

The ‘Hugging’ position, seen below, means you are a trusting person, but may be too open with others.

The ‘Freefall’ position means you’re sociable and brash, but can be rather sensitive to criticism.

The ‘Romantic’ position usually indicates you are a new couple, just getting used to one another.

The ‘Spoon’ position indicates the ‘spooner’ is protective of the ‘spoonee’!

The ‘Cherish’ position indicates a content couple who are intimate, as well as comfortable.

The ‘Liberty’ position means each person in the couple is independent, yet, comfortable with one another!

The ‘Starfish’ position means you make friendship a priority, and dislike being the center of attention!

The ‘Lover’s Knot’ position indicates a high level of intimacy as well as a loving independence.

The ‘Log’ position means that you’re sociable and easy going, but perhaps a bit gullible!

The ‘Soldier’ position means you’re disciplined with high expectations of yourself and others! You may have a rather quiet and reserved nature.

And finally, a preference for the ‘Fetal’ position means that, although you may present a tough exterior, you may actually be shy beneath the surface. You take a while to warm up to people!

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