Now You Can Do Things On Your Phone Through A Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses

Let’s admit it, we can’t live without our phones. And there’s no way we can survive a day without it. Today, keeping in touch with the digital world is a basic necessity and no one wants to be left behind. But of course, it’s impossible for us to stay glued on our phone’s screen every single second of the day. Whether we like it or not, we still have other important things to do. However, it would be nice if we can access our phones anytime while we’re in the middle of doing something. A device that can function as a hands-free phone? The tech-god hears our prayers. Meet the Norm Glasses, a pair of augmented reality glasses that offers a hands-free connection to your digital world.

norm glasses text messages

A fully-functioning minicomputer in the form of sunglasses, these next generation smart glasses provide head-up display with myriad of functionalities. You can make and receive calls or text messages, take pictures or videos, browse the internet, watch video, navigate, listen to music, scan barcode or QR code, open apps, and many more. In other words, you can virtually use your phone without the need to pick it up. The Norm Glasses can really come in handy when you want to record a live broadcast while you’re riding a bike. You can easily read recipe instructions or watch video tutorials while your hands are busy. Additionally, you can view real-time navigation info directly on the lenses while you’re driving. With the Norm Glasses, you can do all these things without pulling out your phone.

The Norm Glasses allow you to take photos

norm glasses take photos

Record video or live broadcast

norm glasses video recording

Read online instructions or watch video tutorials

norm glasses read online instructions

Listen to your favorite music

norm glasses play music

View real-time navigation info

norm glasses navigation

Scan barcodes and QR codes

norm glasses code scanner

Check current weather

norm glasses current weather

These augmented reality smart glasses are connected to your phone via Bluetooth connection. They are installed with Android-based system, allowing the device to be extended with apps just like smartphones. Each pair of Norm Glasses has a built-in processor, storage, battery, camera, head-up display, speaker, and microphone. So, it’s basically a minicomputer in your glasses. The good thing about these smart glasses is that you can operate it in so many ways. You can operate it by using voice commands, certain head gestures, or pressing the touch panel on the temple. Plus, they weigh the same as lightweight sunglasses so you won’t even tell that they have a built-in mini-computer.

norm glasses functional sunglasses


norm glasses lightweight sunglasses

Each lens provides unobtrusive eyebox and 20-degree FOV so you can view the digital content with ease in high-definition image quality. No internet connection? No problem! It uses offline voice recognition so you can still operate it even without an internet connection. You’re probably itching to know how much it takes to have these high-tech smart glasses. Luckily for you, this device is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. You may want to check the order options now to get ahead of the game before it finally hits the market. It is available in three sizes – narrow, medium, and wide. Also, lenses are available in tinted, transition, polarized, and clear (with or without prescription).

Source: Kickstarter