Mom Sews Amazing Disney Costumes For Her 3 Year Old Daughter To Wear At Disney World


Not only does 3-year-old Lane Rouch have an awesome mom who sews her the most gorgeous Disney costumes, she gets to go to Disney World weekly to show them off and have a great time. When her mom, Jennifer Rouch, started to notice that Lane was incredibly shy, she decided to try to build up her confidence. Since they live in Florida and Lane is a big Disney fan, Jennifer thought up a wonderfully magical plan: She would use her sewing skills to create beautiful costumes for her little girl out of thrift store finds, and then get a season pass so that she and her husband Chad could take Lane there every week to interact with her favorite character. Jennifer said: 

“We wanted her to not be crippled by shyness, so we took her to a place where a kid could feel happy and safe to dream and play and be themselves or anyone they want to be.”

Looking at these photos, it certainly appears that Lane has come out of her shell. She’s even become somewhat of a Disney World attraction in her own right.

Website: My Disney Daze

As you can see, the attention to detail in these costumes is stunning. Lane is a very lucky little girl to have such a talented mum and the opportunity to meet some of her favorite Disney heroes and villains.

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