12 Iconic Pokemon Reimagined As Garfield


Ever since the release of Pokemon GO, people have gone pokemon crazy. We’ve featured pokemon reimagined as human, examples of pokemon shaming, and even people who found love thanks to Pokemon GO. But, this might be the strangest one yet! Artist Shawn Bowers has begun a quest to reimagine each of the original 151 pokemon as Garfield. That’s right… the lasagna-loving cartoon cat. It might be a bit of an odd concept but the illustrations are both awesome and amusing. So, check out these twelve iconic pokemon reimagined as Garfield!



Vulpix Garfield might have missed the sandbox.


Tangela Garfield is looking forward to just staying still for a while.



Shawn Bowers/Instagram


Snorlax Garfield loves sleep more than anything.


Shawn Bowers/Instagram


Psyduck Garfield uses his powers to get people to bring him snacks.



Shawn Bowers/Instagram


Poliwag Garfield is swimming away from Mondays.


Meowth Garfield has less reason to get angry with the scales.


Golbat Garfield has such a big mouth to fit more lasagna in.

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