Zelda The Cat Has A Constantly Surprised Face And People Can’t Get Enough

Part of what made the Internet what it is today is our obsession with cats. In fact, we can thank cat videos for paving the way for YouTube, everyone’s favorite video streaming platform. Our love for these furry, fussy little fuzzballs is universal. And often times the attention we pour onto them turns them into celebrities. Taking after Grumpy Cat’s massive success, Zelda The Cat is the latest furry phenomenon to take over the Internet. In comparison with Grumpy Cat’s unchanging state of displeasure, Zelda has won the hearts of thousands with her wide-eyed charm and constant state of wonderment. Matt Taghioff, the curious cat’s owner, found her at a Mayhew animal rescue center in London, in 2014.

“I could see this vulnerable, loving creature behind this slightly hostile stare at first, and I just thought we’re going to be a perfect match.”

Zelda The Cat shot to fame when her owner decided to share smartly captioned photos of her on Twitter. Since the launch of the funny feline’s Twitter page in 2015, she has already gained over 159,000 followers. Witty poetry accompanies the chronicles of Zelda The Cat’s adventures. This curious cat’s poetry explores a range of topics like dating, politics, and yoga thanks to the help of her creative humans. And, after taking over Twitter by storm, Zelda The Cat has also expanded into Instagram, where she currently has 76,300 followers!

Zelda The Cat and her quirky poetry will brighten your day.



“The biggest challenge is getting clear photos of her — she moves around a lot! My camera roll is 99 percent Zelda and I’m happy about this,” her owner revealed the challenges behind taking such fun photos.


Matt isn’t quite sure how old his feline friend is, but he estimates that she’s around 8 or 9 years old. The animal shelter wasn’t able to provide him with accurate facts, as well. But one thing is for sure: Zelda is one cute kitty, no matter how old she is!




This adorable kitty now has a book and audiobook for her fans to enjoy.


“We enjoyed writing the first book together — I’ll gladly go ahead with a second if Zelda’s not too busy! Whatever happens, I’m really enjoying the experience, and spending a lot of time with my cat!”


In a nutshell, Zelda’s book is the ultimate guide for cats and their humans. The wide-eyed kitty discusses a myriad of topics through her unique prose. And while we would like to believe that Zelda made the book all by herself, we’re pretty sure her owner had some involvement.








Sometimes, Zelda is shown in motion.




Every snap is iconic, to be honest.



How could people possibly misunderstand this cutie?




Zelda’s poetry provides a fresh narrative about how the world looks through a feline’s perspective.























If you can’t get enough of this effortlessly talented feline, you can get a copy of her book at Amazon. It’s the purrfect holiday gift for your cat-loving friends (or yourself)!