12 Honest Sticky Notes That Sum Up Day To Day Life – Part 1


In theory, living life should be simple. If you think about it, it’s the one thing that we’re always doing, even when we’re sleeping or waiting in line or sitting on the bus. But, the fact is, even in our daily existence we face lots of little obstacles that make our lives that little bit more difficult, and that little bit more interesting! Chaz Hutton creates awesome illustrations and charts that touch on some of those little stresses, annoyances and facts of life, but he does it with a slight twist: he draws them on sticky notes! So, here are twelve honest sticky notes from Hutton that basically sum up day to day life. Take a look!

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Not bad work if you can get it!


Why do washers take so long?


This is what life is like when you live paycheck to paycheck.


Social media is the waster of days.


If only it was as easy to get on the property ladder as it is in Monopoly.


It does make you wonder whether they do it on purpose.


The best you can hope for an an office Christmas party is that you were so drunk you can’t remember the embarrassing things you did.


This actually never gets old.


It doesn’t get much more stressful than this!


It’s funny how much effort we put into being lazy.


Let’s face it… it’s always a good time!


How hot you look on any given day is inversely proportionate to the likelihood of running into your ex.

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