‘Kuma’ The Adorable Pup Has A New Hairstyle Every Day And Instagram Loves It


Don't you just get so incredibly jealous of those women who walk around, all day and every day, looking like they've just stepped out of a hair salon? Well, get a load of this! 'Kuma' the dog, a Shi Tzu and Pekingese cross, gets her doggy hair expertly crafted into a brand new style every day of the week! The pampered pooch, owned by a woman named Yuki, has become a bit of an online celebrity, thanks to her inventive and stylish hair do's. The dog has a whopping 25,000 Instagram followers, and counting! Proud owner, Yuki says she spends hours at a time expertly maintaining Kuma's constantly evolving 'look'! Check it out!
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