Weird and unusual bed designs

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, so why not splash out on something creative to help get those ”dream juices” flowing before you drift off to the land of nod!
It really is killing two birds with one stone with these beds. By night they’re comfortable and serve their purpose and by day they’re like a piece of art you can show off. Win-win!

Burger Bed

This hamburger bed is one of our favorites! It make me hungry just looking at it… hungry for sleep that is! Kayla Kromer, the creator of this awesome bed, bought a round mattress and then made everything else around it herself.
The bed is 8ft in diameter by 3ft tall.

The Book Bed

This creative bed design made by Yusuke Suzuki, serves as two beds seperated through the middle helping to save space. Each of the pages are comfortable duvets with pillows.
By day you can shut the book and use it as a playmat. Awesome!

Giant Birdsnest Bed

Designers Merav Eitan & Gaston Zahr are the designers behind this piece of art. The Giant Birdsnest Bed, part of the Green Garden Exhibition, was dedicated for breeding new ideas.

Hammock Bed

The great thing about this hammock bed is its ability to be moved with ease via the chains. So if you need extra floor space or are cleaning your home, you can simply unattach the chains and shift over to one side.
Another great point about this hammock bed is you have the added option of shortening the chains at the back so it serves as a hanging couch!

Feel Delux

Made up of 120 soft cushion like balls, you can mold then into your exact needs.

Transforming Sofa/Bed

The DOC sofa bed goes from your every day sofa into a badass set of bunk beds in seconds. Transformers anyone?

The Fetal Position Bed

fetal position bed
It speaks for itself…