Candy Cane Eyeliner Will Add A Sweet Touch To Your Look This Christmas

With only a few weeks left before the holidays, you’re probably in the thick of the shopping mania right now. After all, time flies and waits for no one. Decorations, food and gift items take the center stage during this time of year. All that shopping, wrapping, decorating and cooking may leave little time for you to glam it up on the big day itself. Fortunately, we may have a solution for the gals out there! This year, why not pair the classic red lip with the candy cane eyeliner look? You’ll definitely be the belle of the ball anywhere you go!


Let’s take a look at some of the amazing candy cane makeup


The candy-inspired look was introduced by eye make-up artist Eyedolize in 2014. Since then, hundreds of eye make-up artists and enthusiasts alike have since replicated the sweet holiday look. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s fun, festive, and totally poppin’!


The candy cane eyeliner makes you look like you just strolled out of Santa’s workshop


If you’re feeling a little skeptical about this fun holiday look, is there really anything worse than those garish Christmas sweaters you’re obligated to wear every year? Actually, this quirky holiday make-up look could save you the trouble of buying a whole new holiday wardrobe this year! You shouldn’t fret if your flicks aren’t as sharp as you’d want them to be yet. This look doesn’t warrant expertise in eyeliner application. It was made in celebration of the holiday season’s festive spirit after all!


Your eyeliner can be subtle


Or go all out and own Christmas this year


These striped flicks definitely channel the whimsical spirit of Christmas! This fun and quirky make-up will definitely add a sweet pop of color to your look this holiday season! There is no established rule for this look. You can make it as thin and subtle or as big and bold as you want it to be.


The limit does not exist for these candy cane queens


If you’re truly feeling the festive spirit this season, go all out! Let your creativity and imagination run wild! Nothing is too much for the merriest holiday of the year! If you can think it, you can absolutely do it.


You’ll only need a few make-up items to recreate this festive candy-inspired look


Red and white liquid eyeliners are essential for this candy-inspired look. In addition to the liquid eyeliners, you will also need to layer in some red and pink eyeshadow to give your look some sweet depth. As a final touch, sprinkle some glitter around to give it a whimsical pop! Your family and friends (and random people) will definitely not miss this sparkly candy-like make-up look!

To give you an idea on what products to use for this look, we’ve rounded up the basic elements


NYX Professional Red Liquid Eyeliner for Candy Cane Eyeliner


NYX Professional White Liquid Eyeliner


To recreate the eyeliner, you’ll need to alternate between a white and a red liquid eyeliner. The NYX Professional Red Liquid Eyeliner is richly pigmented and is available here. While NYX’s  0.07 ounce White Liquid Eyeliner is currently on sale here. So if you’ve thinking about adding a few more things to your make-up collection, these liquid eyeliners will make a great addition to your kit!


ISMINE Single Eyeshadow Powder Palette


Add a pop of color to make your candy cane eyeliner stand out. The ISMINE Single Eyeshadow 09 Powder Palette can definitely help emphasize your sweet flick. Get it here!


NYX Professional White Liquid Eyeliner


And finally, add a magic element to your look with Sephora’s Glitter Wonderland Loose Glitter. It’s on sale for only $7 at Sephora today. Get yours while supplies last, beautiful!

Watch how it’s done