Cool Ways To Transform An Old T-Shirt

So many of us out there adore shopping. However, not all of us have the funding behind us to support doing so. This can make you feel really down when it seems everyone else around you is buying new stuff and keeping up with the latest trends. But, don’t panic! There are so many cool ways to transform an old t-shirt that can give your wardrobe a new lease of life! We’ve attached the tutorials and helpful tips for each design to help you out. Take a look and happy transforming! 

Eye Slit

Sometimes you just want to show off a little bit of skin! If you like this look, click here for a tutorial.

Beach Cover Up

This awesome cover up was made from an over sized jersey! So easy to achieve. Check out the steps here

Geometrical Cut

Details on how to replicate this awesome geometric design can be found here

Halter Top

Halter tops can be stupidly expensive! Why not fashion your own for a fraction of the price? Instructions here

Slashed Heart

We adore this look! It’s unbelievably simple to create, also. For some helpful tips, click here

Cut Out Heart

This not only looks awesome, but this design is also great for hot weather because you have plenty of ventilation! Click here for some help on how to achieve this look. 

Front Knot

Give your favorite t-shirts a simple make over with this front knot look. You get to keep the awesome design whilst breathing new life into your shirt! A tutorial can be found here

Open Back

Here we have another one that is just perfect for summer as it offers lots of ventilation at the back whilst keeping you covered at the front. Details here

Cage Top

Straight lines/stripes can really make a boring top stand out. Instructions here!


Let your love for nature shine through with this cool design. Details can be found here


You need a steady hand for this triangle style as you want everything to look even! Find some helpful tips here

Triple Twist

With this awesome idea, you can combine two (or more) of your favorite fabrics. Check out the steps here

Wrap Around

How flattering is this lovely wrap around top? Check out this link for more info!