Cool Packaging Designs That Make You Want To Purchase The Items

It goes without saying that packaging more often than not has a huge influence on the sale of a product. A clever and eye catching design is super important when you’re battling against rival companies for customers. Thankfully for the people behind these cool packaging designs, we don’t think they’ve got anything to worry about! There are some super creative, super strange and super inventive designs in the mix, so, take a look and see which ones you like and dislike! 

Alice In Wonderland Gift Set

With sections that say ‘eat me, drink me, bite me’, this is the ultimate gift for an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ fan!

Animal Gift Wrap

Animal gift wrap is definitely our new favorite kind of gift wrap!

Beer Palette

This makes things much clearer! 

Magic Tape

This had us fooled! 

Sweet Treats

The perfect gift for those who love both books and sweet treats. 

Sticky Notes Presented In A Van

Special delivery of sticky notes, anyone?

Snap Off Pencils

Let’s get snapping! 

Juice Bottles

These bottles make us want to taste the drink inside. What a brilliant design! 

Toilet Roll Wrapped In Fruit Paper

Toilet rolls have never looked more interesting! 

Orikami Set

Everything you need to get involved with origami. 

Flower Packaging

We love this classy packaging! 

Birthday Chocolate

Chocolate bars with your age on it? The perfect gift! 

Jack Daniel’s Themed Milk

A great way to make milk more appealing. 

Milk Soak In Popsicle Form

Let’s hope no one gets mixed up!