Brilliant Wall Art Ideas Which Can Transform Your Home

Most of us like our homes to reflect our styles and tastes. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know the best ways to let your personality shine through. Many people have the misconception that decorating their home in the way they would ideally like would be too much hassle or too costly. However, we’re here to present you with some brilliant wall art ideas that prove this doesn’t always have to be the case! We love how these ideas are super unique, however, the only problem is, we wouldn’t know which ones to choose as we love so many of them. Thankfully, some of these ideas are better suited to living areas whilst others are ideal for bedrooms, so, you can have more than one favorite! Take a look!

Wall Murals

If bland walls bother you, there are some incredible murals available that come in so many different themes! We love this city one.

Black and white works well for large pieces. 

Unique Shelves

Shelves don’t have to be boring! This branch idea really adds character to the room. 

We also love these triangle shelves. They create a focal point for the room. 


If you’re young at heart and maybe a gaming fan, pixels are a great way to go! You could go all out like in the image below… 

…or stick with something simpler like here. This would look great in a games room! 

Wood Pallets

We never would usually think to use wood pallets for a wall but we absolutely love the look of the room in the image below! 


Displaying pretty plates can give your home a very vintage feel. Just make sure they are securely attached and out of reach if you’ve got children. You could purchase some plates or even decorate your own! 

Vertical Gardening/Phyto Design

Bring nature into your home with an awesome indoor plant piece! 


Photos are often left sitting in albums, only looked at on the odd occasion. Why not display your favorites so you can be reminded of happy memories each day?


If you don’t want to display a bunch of photos, and aren’t a huge fan of framed paintings, you could get your favorite image blown up onto a canvas. Or, simply purchase a random one that you like! 

Paper Art

Making something like this would be quite time consuming but look how wonderful the results are! 

For something slightly simpler, you could try creating something similar to the image below! 

Vinyl Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are great because there is a huge amount of choice available. You can even get things custom made. Here are a few examples that show the range of things you could go for! 

Tape Decorations

Using decorating tape or Washi tape to on your walls is a great option for people who rent property that can’t make any permanent changes. 

The benefits of using such tapes are that they won’t leave behind any residue and you can switch things up as often or little as you please. 

Wine Corks

Instead of throwing away wine corks, you could collect them and get creative! Glue them to a base and you could make some awesome pieces like the one below.