14 Hilarious New Yorker Cartoons That You Have To See


Iconic American magazine The New Yorker has been around since the 1920s and is still going strong. While it has awesome writing and features, The New Yorker might be best known for running some of the funniest satirical cartoons around. We’re sure that almost everyone in the United States (and beyond) has seen a New Yorker cartoon at some point, and probably enjoyed it, too! Of course, over 90 plus years, there’s a big archive of drawings out there, and the magazine has started to feature them on a dedicated Instagram page, which can provide you with hours of laughter. Here are fourteen hilarious New Yorker cartoons that you have to see!



This might be the best guess at what stone circles are really for.


Super accurate.


We’ve definitely had this happen to us before. Next time just take your time.


A horror story for the modern age.


The most valid reason not to invite someone in.


Eat what makes you happy!


Tasty little pick me ups.


If only he could adjust his filters.


It’s hard to be ignored all the time.


Why don’t we expect more of our dogs than just blindly following orders?


Words to live your life by.


It never works, yet people just can’t help themselves.


Old school tourists.


Really, this is too much.

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