Elaine Samonte Shows Us How To Live A Colorful Life


If there's one thing for certain, Elaine Samonte believes that we should be living a life that's full of color. That we should learn to dance in the rain and paint our lives more colorful if they start to get dull. We've already seen Samonte's love of color manifested in her adorable fruit-inspired illustrations, but now she's back with some more. These bright and beautiful illustrations are definitely uplifting and might just make a bad day feel that little bit better. They're certainly inspirational, too, because now all we want to do is ride a unicorn on a rainbow through space. And, who can blame us?! If you like Samonte's work, she has an Instagram page where she shares her artwork, as well as personal photos of day to day life. Now let's take a look at these colorful illustrations!
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