17 Heart Shaped Foods To Get You In The Mood On Valentines Day


With Valentine's Day fast approaching, what do you get your sweetheart? Perhaps through their stomach is the fastest way to their heart? Save cash and delight your loved one with a Valentine's Day heart-shaped delicacy. They are sure to appreciate the love and effort you put into preparing it. And who knows, they might share with you, too! This list is also great for families wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day. Your kids will love the 17 fun heart-shaped foods listed below!


Make heart-shaped sugar cookies with gorgeous 'stained glass windows'. Instructions here.


Make your own decadent s'mores using heart-shaped graham crackers you made at home. Instructions here.


Fruit shaped into hearts and placed on a stick is fruit everybody loves.


Heart-shaped, colorful rice krispie cakes are a fun way to say 'I love you'. Instructions here.


Jello hearts are effective, and easy, too. 


This one's probably for the kids. Make a PBJ but create cool, heart-shaped 'windows' like on these ones:


You can make grapes into heart shapes, like this:


Yum. Sweet potato cracker hearts are a delicious savory treat for both young and old. Instructions here.



Delight your sweetheart with these Valentine's Day soft pretzels, topped with pink sea salt. Instructions here.


Manipulating a boiled egg into a heart shape is easy. You just need a milk or juice carton, a chopstick and rubber bands. Instructions here.


So that the toddlers in your house feel included. Frozen apple sauce hearts.


Mini ice-cream sandwich hearts with bittersweet chocolate cookie? Yes, please. Instructions here.


A healthy and hearty meal. Try this yummy caprese salad.


Who doesn't love pizza? Make mini heart shaped pizzas from scratch. 


Heart-shaped bacon? What's not to love about that? 


A cheesy plate of Valentine's Day goodness:


Mozzarrella-filled hearts with a red pepper pesto. What better way to say 'I love you'? Instructions here.

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