16 Instances People Found Weird Leaves in Their Food

When ordering our favorite meals at any restaurant or fast food, we usually don’t analyze the food that gets served because of our hunger and excitement to eat. We just want to eat already! But, sometimes there are things that are just obviously out of place that gets in your food… When people found weird leaves, for example. This is a common mystery towards Chipotle lovers who seem to always encounter the same problem…they found weird leaves in their meals and can’t seem to figure out what it’s for. Here are photos of curious people’s posts who ordered from Chipotle and posted on twitter wondering about the same problem.

When you can’t really tell the difference whether or not the leaf was really supposed to be in there.

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What’s that leaf have to do with the chipotle bowl?

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Everyone is asking the same thing about how they found weird leaves on their Chipotle Meal.

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Just wondering if they purposely got a leaf from outside and just placed it on their meal as a joke.

Image credits: Riley_Gruenbaum

They better not get confused about which vegetable is which.

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Are you supposed to eat this leaf?

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This leaf better have great health benefits.

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Some questions are still left unanswered…like how they found weird leaves on their chipotle bowl.

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Just keep the leaves coming!

Image credits: Real_BryanJost

There must some kind of reason why this leaf is on your meal.

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This guy got a very special leaf compared the others.

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And the loyalty award goes to this guy!

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This is how anyone else would probably think when they see a leaf on their meals.

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It’s like an old leaf from the floor and someone just decided to put in their meal.

Image credits: RiccaParisella

A little leaf like that wouldn’t change their love for their favorite meals!

Image credits: klweaver44

Is this some sort of prank?

Image credits: e11ine

Finally! Mystery solved! The most awaited answer for people who found weird leaves in their Chipotle meals.

found weird leaves
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