14 Completely Unexpected Uses For Plastic Food Wrap

To most of us, plastic food wrap is a fairly mundane item with limited uses. It does what it does and that’s that. However, you may not have realized that there are plenty of unexpected uses for plastic food wrap that are super useful! Below we have a list of awesome examples that range from keeping your food items fresher for longer all the way to a mess-free art project for kids! Take a look, you might just find something that adds ease and convenience to your life! 


Applying plastic food wrap to your skin after applying creams/treatments will increase the effectiveness. 

Fly Trap

To rid your home of pesky flies, get a cup or bowl and fill it with fruit. Cover it with plastic wrap then make a slit in the film so that the flies fall in. 

Keep Your Fridge Clean

By covering your fridge shelves with plastic wrap, cleaning becomes a walk in the park. Simply remove and change the film whenever it needs! 


If you’re taking a short break from decorating, cover your brushes and rollers with plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out. 

Drink Covers

Covering your drink with plastic wrap prevents creepy crawlies from being able to take a swim in it! 

Keep Flowers Fresh

To keep flowers fresh before they can be placed into water, wet a paper towel and wrap it around the stems of your flowers. Next, secure it with some plastic wrap. 

Fun For Kids

Reduce the amount of mess without taking away from the fun by using plastic wrap to allow your kids to make cool pictures! 

Homemade Sausages

Use plastic wrap to turn minced meat into sausages! 

Keep Bananas Fresh

Wrapping some plastic wrap on the stems of your bananas keeps them fresher for longer. 

A Mini Greenhouse

Prevent your soil from drying out by covering your pot with clingfilm after you’ve watered your seeds. 

Make Moving Home Easier

By wrapping things in plastic wrap like in the images shown below, you can save yourself some hassle when moving home. This technique allows you to unpack quicker at your new place! 

Prevent Spills

Prevent spills when traveling by covering the openings of your products with plastic wrap. Replace the lids as normal afterwards. 

Poached Eggs

Some people find it difficult to poach eggs. To make your life easier, oil a piece of plastic wrap and crack your egg onto it, making a parcel as shown in the image below. 

Saving Wine For Later

If you want to save some wine for later, transfer some into a glass with the assistance of some plastic wrap like shown below. Make sure the opening of the glass is blocked by the plastic wrap. This way, your cork won’t soak up the aromas of your wine.