28 Hilarious Images Of Pets Caught Red Handed

There are many positives when it comes to having a pet. They have so much love and affection to offer, and us humans could definitely learn a thing or two from our animal companions. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Our pets can be incredibly annoying! Whether it be that they trash your home, steal your food or neglect to give you any privacy whatsoever, animals really can get up to some mischief. Here we have some hilarious images of pets caught red handed, take a look! 

‘It was an accident, I swear!’ 

The person behind this photo thought their room mate was drinking their drink, however, the truth soon came out! 

The look that says ‘I have no regrets’. 

‘Do your worst, I have succeeded nevertheless’. 

Pets Caught Red Handed cat eating pancake


This cat was overly ambitious… 

Caught trying to steal from a child… 

Nothing to see here… 

The mystery of the thumb tacks in shoes has been solved… 

‘If I can’t see them, they can’t see me…’

When all you want is some cucumber in your life… 

‘Dude, help me out here…’

If only we knew the back story… 

This dog isn’t allowed on their owners bed, so, when he got caught, he just rolled off and acted casual…

The shame and guilt is too much for this dog to handle! 

Well, we can’t speak for everyone here but these images have certainly put a smile on our faces! There are some very naughty pets included in this list! However, we’re sure that their owners couldn’t imagine life without them. It’s great that people have managed to get photographic evidence of these amusing incidents so that the images can be cherished for years to come. We’ve got even more pets caught red handed coming up so keep going if you like what you’ve seen so far! 

This clever canine pretends to be asleep whilst keeping one eye on the food… 

‘I was only trying them on, please don’t be mad…’

This little guy’s ears disappear when he’s caught doing something naughty… 

This little kitty won’t let their size stop them from reaching their goals… 

They were so close! 

When it comes to stealing, cats don’t discriminate with age! 

One person’s trash is another creature’s treasure! 

This adorable dog is pretending to be invisible… 

So, that’s where all the hair ties went! 

You should never leave yummy treats unattended because you never know who might get their hands (or paws) on them! 

Nothing to see here… just the assistant chef at work.

An unknown criminal was stealing cat food and leaving droppings everywhere. However, this photo has given us a pretty good idea who’s behind the acts! 

Here we have another stash being rumbled. But, this time it’s water bottle caps! 

It’s not just yummy treats that animals like to get their paws on! 

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