Hilarious Tweets From Parents That Sum Up Mealtimes With Kids

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More people need to be asking this question… 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets harry potter fix his eyes

Sharpie markers and kids often ends in tears. Usually, mom and dads tears. 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets toddler sharpie marker

3 year old temper tantrums could possibly be the worst kind of tantrums… 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets tongue is pink

Ryan is so sweet and thoughtful! 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets went to disneyland

And, he’s also the king of hilarious tweets. 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets when the parents die

‘We gave them all to Santa so he could see how good you are’… 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets wheres all my drawings

We might just have a lawyer in the making! You can’t argue with that response! 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets youre only a mom because of me

Becoming a parent is life changing in many ways. You feel a whole new kind of love when you have kids. However, you also feel a whole new kind of stress and experience a tiredness like never before! Of course, children are rewarding and wonderful. But, there’s no denying that they can also drive you pretty nuts at times. Here we have some honest tweets about parenting that show what it’s really like in an amusing way. Take a look! 

Honest Tweets About Parenting

An undisturbed sleep seems to be just a dream at times!

Honest Tweets About Parenting 16 more times before sunrise

This is pretty accurate! 

Honest Tweets About Parenting being a juggler.

A pro tip for parents who want to delay… 

Honest Tweets About Parenting finish my cup of coffee

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