Hilarious Tweets From Parents That Sum Up Mealtimes With Kids

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You can’t deny, kids do make you stop and think! 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets third favorite reptile

Changing the world, one lick at a time. 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets stop licking the window

Jennifer, we couldn’t agree with you more! 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets love children when theyre sleeping

If you’re a parent yourself, we’re sure that you’ve identified with more than a few of these images. Although kids can really test your patience at times, ultimately they are fascinating and brilliant little people. Shaping a young mind can be a daunting thing, so always remember not to be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect and there will always be hiccups along the way. Keep going to see even more hilarious parenting tweets! 

We don’t blame her. Peanuts are awesome. 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets jar of peanuts

Reassurance comes in strange forms. 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets run into door frame

Does every kid out there want a fidget spinner?

Hilarious Parenting Tweets picking seeds off a bagel

Mom’s clearly not a Trump fan and her son knows it! 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets is it trump

We hope there was a few ‘I WONDER WHERE THEY ARE’ moments to keep them on their toes… 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets hide and seek

Paying the bills is the least fun game we’ve ever played. 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets pay the bills game

This mom is an expert translator… 

Hilarious Parenting Tweets parenting a strong willed child

Keep going to see more Hilarious Tweets From Parents