These False Eyelashes Question The Idea Of ‘Natural’ Beauty Products


As people are becoming more and more concerned about what they're putting in and on their bodies, a lot of beauty companies are touting their products as "natural" or similar. However, it can be tough to say what this really means. Can any cosmetic product ever truly be all-natural? If you look on the back of most cleansers and moisturizers, you'll see a lot of strange chemical names and numbers and not much in the way of ingredients you recognize, so quite possibly not. In fact, you can label a product as natural as long as it contains just 1 percent natural ingredients, which is a bit strange! Design student Mary Graham from Kingston University in London decided to explore this idea by making a genuinely all natural beauty product. She chose to construct several pairs of false eyelashes out of grasses and ferns, and used eggs and snow as the glue to hold them in place. Are they all-natural? Yes! Would most people want to wear them? Probably not. Certainly something to think about.







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