This Man Has Been Train-Hopping For Four Years And Has Taken These Photos Along The Way


One day in 2004, a teenager from Arizona, Mike Brodie, was given a Polaroid camera. What he did with it is nothing short of amazing. With no photography training whatsoever, he nonetheless brought his camera along with him as he traveled around the United States for four years, spending a lot of his time with friends, hopping trains. Yes, that's right, stowing away on trains, taking photographs all the way. In 2008, Brodie received the Braum Award for American emerging artists for his work. Then as suddenly as he arrived in the profession, he left photography behind. Brodie is now a diesel mechanic. Check out some of the awesome images he captured during his four years of hopping trains below.

Website: mikebrodie


On the way to hop a train.


Preparing to 'board'.


This is what freedom looks like.


It's not exactly first class accommodation.


The food isn't the best, either.


All tuckered out from a busy day on the train. Note the grime.


One of many dangerous moments, caught on camera.



Trying to work out where they're going.


Delighted to be there.


Train safety wasn't really a priority of the group.


Neither was safety outside of the trains.


Trying to get them jeans clean again.


Berries! It was a good day on the road.


Being exposed to the elements can turn out like this…


Not sure what is going on here, but it looks interesting.


Can't wait to get home to a hot shower!