One Man Is Building A Toothpick City And It’s Insane


You've probably used a toothpick to hold together a sandwich, check if the middle of a cake was cooked or, well, picked your teeth, but we're betting that you've never used them for anything like this before. One man, Bob Morehead, makes models out of toothpicks, but he's taken his hobby to the next level! Using more than 300,000 toothpicks, Bob is part-way through creating an entire toothpick city! That's impressive in its own right, but what's more impressive is that it's good. Really good. Bob has incredible talent and attention to detail. All his models are so painstakingly and lovingly crafted that you almost want to climb in and go live in them. Though, sadly, they are far too small. Take a look at some of Bob's incredible work. 



The detail in Bob's work is incredible. Each individual rock and brick is made from pieces of toothpick. It's ridiculously impressive!




Here's the man himself with some of his creations. Nice work, Bob!

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