This Toilet Paper Blaster Fires Off 350 Rounds Of Spitballs From A Single Roll

Wipe out the competition with this Toilet Paper Blaster that uses toilet paper (not the usual soft rubber) as bullets. The new toy is based from the classic game of spitball where we roll a piece of paper into a ball, put it in our mouth, and spit it towards our target.

We can remember our childhood game like it was yesterday. Remember when we shouted with glee as we triumphantly landed a hit onto our opponent’s face? Not to mention that disgusting feeling when our opponents hit us back, with their stinky saliva sticking to our face? Ah, those were the days. We can now relive this nostalgic game. But this time, there won’t be any spittle involved. Instead of launching the spitball out of our mouth, we will be using this Toilet Paper Blaster gun.

toilet paper blaster

The launching mechanism of the Toilet Paper Blaster is similar to the old-fashioned game of spitballs. Simply place a roll of toilet paper in the designated holder. Then feed in the first bit of the toilet paper into the slot that mechanically rolls it into a ball. The slot is connected to a water container to soak the toilet paper ball, turning it into an actual spitball. One roll of toilet paper can make up to 350 spitballs, which is more than enough to take down all your foes.

toilet paper blaster spitball launcher


toilet paper blaster toy gun skid shot

No batteries are required. All it needs is a roll of regular toilet paper (preferably 2-ply) which is not included in the item. Don’t forget to fill the container with clean water. Pull back the lever to feed the toilet paper into the slot. Then pull back the handle to moisten the paper ball with water.

When you’re ready to fire, just pull the trigger to launch the spitball. This powerful blaster toy can launch spitballs up to 30 feet in distance. Expect some minor water leakage during play and lots of toilet paper wads afterwards. But the priceless fun and excitement will surely compensate for the mess.

toilet paper blaster slot water container


toilet paper blaster skid shot


toilet paper blaster cutout targets package


toilet paper blaster skid shot box

Get the Toilet Paper Blaster here for you and your kids and experience the most exciting (and most hygienic) way to play spitballs. Additionally, the package comes with three cutout targets to help you perfect your aim. Take note that this toy is not recommended for children under 3 years of age as it generates small parts that are considered choking hazards.

Check out the video below that shows how to construct and use the Toilet Paper Blaster