Living On The Open Road In An Adorable Tiny Home

When you think about travel trailers, this is probably very far from what you envision. The average caravan is pretty drab, inside and out, but a company named Heirloom, out of Portland, makes the most gorgeous travel trailers that look like miniature historic homes. The outside of these trailers is incredibly quaint, with gorgeous wood siding and whitewashed window frames.

However, it’s the inside that’s arguably more impressive. The way that space is utilized is extraordinary, so you’ll be amazed at how much can fit inside one of these tiny homes. Starting at $65,000 for a basic package, a Tiny Heirloom is more costly than a full-sized home would be in some areas, but think of all the amazing adventures you could have!


Let’s start by taking a look at the outside. Cute, huh?

The adorable vintage style of this tiny home continues on the inside, with exposed beams, mustard door, and white wood paneling. Of course, if you choose to have one built, you’ll be able to pick the color scheme for yourself.

There’s enough room to take a seat and read or relax.

This ladder leads you up to the sleeping area.

It’s compact, obviously, but is spacious enough, as long as you don’t sit up straight without thinking!

The place even has its own tiny bathroom.

There’s a full-sized, fully functional kitchen, with an oven and other appliances, including a washer/dryer. Very useful for when you’re on the road.

The space may be small, but there are hidden nooks and crannies for extra storage.

You can even sit at a desk and get some work done.

Or cook yourself a delicious dinner.

The gorgeous wooden floors come as standard, even in the basic package.

And the beauty of it is that you can park up anywhere and explore the country.

Now, who wants to chip in and go on an amazing journey in one of these Tiny Heirloom homes? Incredible!