17 Times When Things Got Disappointing Fast

There are times when you’re not expecting anything good to happen, so if something doesn’t go right then no big deal. But, there are other times when you set your expectations high and then disappointment is sure to set in. Nobody likes to be disappointed, but it’s just one of those things in life. In the hopes it might cheer you up a bit, we’re here to show you that you’re not alone. Disappointing moments happen to people all over the world, and sometimes these people even share their disappointment with the internet! So, here we have 17 times when things got disappointing fast! Check it out!

When the toilet roll rolled away.

When this sign was totally out to troll people.

When this person picked up a box of “Pringles” from the store…

When the worst Pop Tart ever was unwrapped.

When this person forgot that the plural of shrimp is also shrimp.

When someone at the pizza factory clearly forgot that pizza is meant to have toppings.

When this person though they’d scored some free chocolate at work.

When this airline passenger got a couple of peanuts with their salt.

When a peanut butter cup got the better of this person again.

When there was no ice cream at the ice cream parlor.

When this person expected to get some actual melon in their giant watermelon.

When this ungodly hot dog to bun ratio occurred.

When the person who writes the fortunes stopped even trying.

When this person got an inch less sub than they paid for.

When there was no way to dunk.

When cows didn’t want to make friends with this little girl.

When this poor person expected PB cups and got walnuts instead.

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